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2930Eurd Solid Brass Padlocks Hardened Steel Shackle Master Lock
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18 Mar 2020
United States
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Specification of

Specifications :

1. Body width 30 mm
2. Shackle diameter 5 mm
3. Shackle length 17 mm
4. Horizontal shackle clearance 16 mm
5. Cylinder number of pins 4
6. Cylinder number of keys 4
7. Body material brass
8. Shackle hardened steel
9. Shackle double locking

Features :

1. Hardened steel shackle that provides strong resistance to bolt cutters
2. Dual locking levers that give the shackle additional pull strength
3. Single piece brass body that gives the padlock better resistance to rust
4. Security cylinder with reversible key for excellent resistance to picking

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