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Master Lock 150EURT Solid Brass Padlocks Steel Shackle
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21 May 2019
United States
1 Pcs

Specification of

Specifications :

1. Body width 50 mm
2. Shackle diameter 7 mm
3. Shackle length 25 mm
4. Horizontal shackle clearance 25 mm
5. Cylinder number of pins 5
6. Cylinder number of keys 2
7. Number of padlocks 2
8. Body material brass
9. Shackle hardened steel
10. Shackle double locking
11. Keyed alike padlock (same key opens all padlocks)

Features :

1. From the small stylish luggage locks
2.For heavy duty applications, workshops and sheds

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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